As we celebrate the holiday season that is set to continue well into the new year, our days are filled with family get-togethers, travel and festive outings and all sorts of tempting treats. It’s no surprise that many of us see our waistlines expanding during this season. Even the most disciplined people can find it difficult to stick to their health and fitness routines.

To efficiently balance a healthy lifestyle and all your social commitments, you need to ensure some simple ground rules to help you stay on track:

•Plan -To make sure you avoid health issues, plan your workouts in the morning hours so that you can fit in your social engagements anytime during the rest of the day.

•Keep mobile -Try to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time, such as when relaxing with family or at meals. Research has proven that getting up for just five minutes every 30 to 60 minutes
considerably reduces the risk factors associated with diabetes and heart disease.

•Go outdoors -Instead of sticking to your gym, try going for a run in the park and add a few floor exercises to your regime. Not only does this refresh your routine, but also allows you to breathe fresh and healthy air.

•During the holidays,think of fun ways to make physical activity a family affair. From exploring new group fitness classes to building physical activity into holiday traditions –such as taking a family walk around the neighborhood –you can think outside the box when it comes to ways of enjoying quality time with family and friends while also prioritizing your health.

•Avoid skipping meals -You may feel like giving an afternoon meal a miss because you have a dinner party to attend but doing so only adds to the calorie intake when you finally eat.

•Stay hydrated -Your brain can sometimes confuse thirst with hunger. A large glass of water before a meal (especially before considering second helpings) can help lessen the amount of food you consume.

•Don’t overeat -One of the biggest challenges of the holiday season is to not overindulge in food. It’s easy to get lured by all the delicious aromas and give in to overeating. Snacking on fruits before big meals and controlling your portion sizes can go a long way in ensuring you maintain your health and BMI.

•Eat at home -Home-cooked meals are the best way to restrict calorie intake. Try eating at home on the days when you have no plans.