2019 is here and that means lots of resolutions, including losing weight for many of us. But finding a routine and sticking to it can be challenging. Here celebrity fitness trainer Tracey Mallett provides her tips to help.

Tip: You should be exercising at least two to three times a week, explains Mallett. It’s vital to build lean and muscle mass to maintain optimal metabolism as well as keeping the heart is good condition; so aim to mix cardio with your workouts.

Tip: Aim to walk with your abdominals tight by drawing in the abdominals towards the spine with shoulders down away from the ears. This, tells Mallett, will work the abs as well as enable great posture.

Tip: Commit to some kind of exercise a minimum of twice a week and then increase this time-span slowly. Remember, a balanced lifestyle with exercise and good nutrition will help fight disease and will make us look and feel great.

Tip: Working out in quick, shorter spans is not as hard as you think. According to Mallett, we need to understand that we can do a lot in a short amount of time. Taking 20 to 30 minutes sometime in your day is not that hard, it may mean getting up early before work or fighting the fatigue after work, and however, it can be done and will give you a boost of energy for the day.

Tip: Get rid of the processed foods and give up sugar and wherever possible, aim to include fresh foods in your diet. Also, try to incorporate a fresh fruit smoothie with flax seed daily.