Maintaining an ideal weight is not easy, yet it is not as hard as it seems. The easiest way to maintain an ideal weight is to balance the calories we consume with our workout. Balancing calories means following a healthy diet that contains all the food groups, making sure it is colored and varied to avoid losing interest, and also giving your body all the important nutritional elements, such as vitamins and minerals. Below are some tips to help us stay in shape after losing weight.

What mistakes do we usually make after following a diet and losing weight?

Most people,who have completed a particular diet and reached their desired weight, start changing their lifestyle and reverting to their bad eating habits. They start eating large quantities of food, especially desserts and fried food, and their preference goes back towards unhealthy foods, skipping breakfasts, eating fatty meals at night before going to bed, and becoming too lazy to do
any exercise. To avoid such a set back the diet to be followed should result in permanent behavioral change in eating habits and lifestyle choices. To do so make sure to follow a healthy balanced diet that keeps you feeling full and satiated while providing a variety of options of all food groups.

You can control the amount of food you eat daily by following some tips, such as:

Learn to limit the quantities you eat. You can use tools to help you measure the amount of food and the size of fluid you consume, such measuring cups, a teaspoon, or a food scaler.

Use a smaller sizeplate. If you replace your plate with a smaller size one, you will not notice the difference in feeling full neither in the amount of food.

Control the amount of food you eat in the restaurant by eating half a meal, or sharing the meal with you friends.

Drink plenty of water. Drinking water makes you feel your stomach is full, and feeling thirsty may be the reason why you feel hungry as well.