A specially curated fitness app, GuavaPass is the easiest way to access all the workouts that you love for a single price. Here CEO and Co-Founder of GuavaPass Jeffrey Liu details how it all began.

Q) Where did the idea come from?

“While living in LA, I got really into exercise and general wellbeing. When I moved back to Singapore, I knew that wellbeing was something I had a passion for and wanted to channel my focus into. My business partner Rob Pachter and I recognized there was a gap in the market here for a curated fitness app, which would allow users the highest quality of classes and ultimately, flexibility in their workout schedule. From there, GuavaPass was born.”

Q) What do you feel sets GuavaPass apart from other similar fitness/wellness platforms?

“GuavaPass is focused on building a holistic community around health and wellness. Our team is made up of passionate individuals who live and breathe the GuavaPass mission. Our customers are exactly the same.”

Q) What is the core concept of GuavaPass?

“GuavaPass allows members flexible and convenient access to the top boutique fitness studios in Asia and the Middle East. Now available in 12 countries globally, GuavaPass provides marketing value and incremental revenue to over 2,500 studio gyms.”

Q) How does GuavaPass support the local community?

“With a database at almost 1.5M, GuavaPass makes it easier than ever to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our app offers tailored suggestions to members based on location, activity preference and schedule. In addition to the members, we help gym businesses thrive by filling spots in group classes they are unable to fill on their own.”

Q) What are your personal wellness tips that you try to do daily?

“I try to start most days with a run. It’s a great opportunity to clear my mind before a busy and demanding work day ahead.”