Many of us don’t really have night routines; rather, after a long day, we just head home and head off to bed. But Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Shereen Mitwalli explains that having a proper night routine is more beneficial than you think and can actually boost productivity the next day. Here are her tips.

Plan for Tomorrow

Having a plan for the next day has many advantages. Not only does it make you reflect on your day, but it also helps you get a better night’s rest knowing that you know how you’re going to begin your day, what you will be doing, and what your priorities are. Lauren Conrad, designer and entrepreneur espouses the same philosophy by keeping a to-do list by her bed and she stresses on the importance on setting small goals for the next day and making time for yourself.

Clear the Mind

Different people have different ways that they can clear their mind. These days we live in the Digital Age where everything is instant due to advancement in technology and smartphones. No matter how successful, strong and competent you are, we all need to relax every now and again. For Oprah Winfrey, the ‘Queen of All Media’ and billionaire, its mediation which she does it before and after she wakes up. It’s helped her so much that she even launched her own meditation app hoping it will encourage others to adopt her practice, as well.

Unplug the Gadgets

Many people keep their gadgets right next to them at night, but researchers agree that any kind of screen time before bed can only do you more harm than good. Even the ringtone or notification tone on your phone can automatically put you in an alert state since its associated with work for many people.

Reading Books

Reading is a great way to disconnect from this world. Aside from its benefits on mental stimulation, memory improvement and knowledge, it’s a great way to de-stress after a long day. It doesn’t matter how much stress you have going on in your personal or work life, there is no denying the fact that it all seems to grow distant when you start reading.